Sakura event on Friday, 2nd August

Dear guests,

Sakura would like to inform you our special event for only 12 persons.

As I informed this event before, I would like to show you the details as below. If you are interested in this event, Please reserve a table.

This event will be prepared by Mr. Jun Inazawa, who had 7 years experience in Japan.

***** 8 dish course meal *****
a) Date and Time: August 2nd on Friday at 19:00.
We will all begin at the designated time.

b) Participants: limited to 12 persons.

c) Price: 95 Euro per person (except drink)

d) Reservation will be acceptable from July 5th on Friday.

e) Food details:
Gomatofu (Sesamtofu.)
(Sunomono is a kind of japanese salad. It is made of vinagered vegetable.)
(Sōmen are very thin noodles made of wheat flour and served cold with a light flavored dipping sauce. This time we will serve 3 different flavors.)
(Chilled style, duck breast.)
(Grilled fish marinated with miso paste.)
(Do you know Wagyu Sushi ?)
(Simmered assorted vegetables.)
(Japanese paella by Kinoko-mushrooms.)
(Clear soup by red snapper.)
( I am still studying what kind of japanese dessert are beautiful for this event.)

In case of too many applications, we will hold a draw for place allocation. Please reserve a table from July 5th on Friday.


Arigatou Gozaimasu.
Takashi Noguchi

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