Maguro no Yamakake

In Japan, Yam is often eaten as grated form. It is called as „Tororo“ and also „Yamakake“ it it is poured on top of the food. As you can see, the photo is the dish which pouring grater yam on top of bluefin tuna (Maguro). So it is called as „Maguro no Yamakake“

This is very simple dish. Though, you can still enjoy a wonderful combination of bluefin tuna and yam.
Especially, in the summer season, I do not have much appetite. However, I love the way yam smoothly slides down my throat. So I can eat a lot of food combined with yam.

Due to the fact, that yam is very nutritious, it is recommended for those who are healthy oriented.

Arigatou Gozaimasu.

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