A La Carte





Miso soup (a) 2,40€
Edamame: Knackige japanische Sojabohnen (a) 4,00€
Tsukune 2 pieces: Japanese chicken meatball skewers (a.b) 5,00€
Deep fried gyoza 4 pieces: with vegetables (a.b) 6,00€
Okonomiyaki 2 pieces: Pancake skewers (a.b.d.h) 7,00€

Cold dish / Warm dish

Cold dish

Wakame salad: Green salad, seaweed with sesame sauce (a.b.g) 7,00€
Salmon & avocado with yuzukosho sauce (a.#b.c.g) 13,00€
Sashimi Salmon 100g (a.#b.c) 15,00€


Warm dish

Teriyaki chicken (a.b#.e) 17,00€
Grilled fishes with miso sauce (c.e.h) 19,00€
Hereford dry aged roastbeef (a.#b.e) 25,00€

Rice will be served for main dish




Matcha Ice : 1 scoop of green tea ice cream 3,50€
Yuzu Ice : 1 scoop of yuzu citrus ice cream 3,50€
Sakura Dessert 8,00€


Reis2,40€ Wasabi (f.1)1,00€
Sushi ginger3,00€


[a] Soy   [b] Gluten/Wheat ([#b] Gluten free available)  [c] Fish and Crustacean   [d] Egg  [e] Milk (including Lactose   [f] Mustard   [g] Sesame Seedsn   [h] Mollusca such as Oysters   [i] Celery

Food additive:

1. Coloring  2. with Antioxidant  3. with Sugar subtitute  4. with Aspartame  5. Caffeine  6. with Phosphate  7. Sulfite