Our homemade ginger is prepared according to traditional method.
 (Extra ginger 3,00 €)

Sushi-Combination 6 (a.#b.c.d.g) : 22,00€ 

6 Nigiri & 1 Inside-Out (Also vegetarian possible)

Sushi-Combination 10 (a.#b.c.d.g) : 32,00€

10 Nigiri, 1 Inside-Out & 1 Hoso-Maki (Also vegetarian possible)

Sushi Nigiri ( per Piece ) (a.#b)
***If you would like to make sure that we can offer specially toro, hamachi during your visit, please inform us in advance. Thank you for your understanding.***

Tuna (c) 4,20€ Toro (c) Please ask
Salmon (c) 3,70€ Shiitake Pilz 2,80€
Horse mackerel (c) 3,70€ Avocado 2,80€
Ikura (c) 3,80€ Tamago/Egg (d) 2,80€
Ebi/Shrimp 3,50€ Inari (Deep fried Tofu) 2,80€
Unagi/Eel (c) 3,50€ Hotate/Scallop (h) 4,20€
Uni/Sea Urchin (h) 7,00€     


*Baked-hoso-maki: 1,50€ (a.b)

Kappa Maki: cucumber 3,50€ Avocado Maki 3,50€
Kanpyo Maki: dried Gourd Shavings 3,50€ Yamagobo Maki: japanese mountain root (1) 3,50€
Takuan Maki: pickled daikon radish 3,50€ Sake Maki: salmon(c) 4,20€
Tekka Maki: tuna (c) 4,70€ Ebi Maki: shrimp (c) 4,00€

Futo-Maki: traditional, japanese thick sushi roll with the kelp outside and seven different  ingredients inside (5 pcs) (a.#b.c.d)


Inside Out (I/O) Roll

Vegetable (g): cucumber, avocado, kanpyo, sesame 7,00€ Salmon (c.g): salmon, avocado, cucumber, sesame 8,00€
Tuna (c.g): tuna, avocado, cucumber, sesame 9,00€ Ebi (c.g): shrimp, avocado, cucumber, sesame 8,00€ 
Ebi Fry Roll (c.d.g): deep fried shrimp, sesame 9,50€    
Spicy Hotate (g.h): scallop, cucumber, spicy mayo, sesame 8,00€ Spicy Ebi (c.g): shrimp, cucumber, spicy mayo, sesame 8,00€
Spicy Salmon (c.g): salmon, cucumber, spicy mayo, sesame 8,00€ Spicy Tuna (c.g): tuna, cucumber, spicy mayo, sesame 9,00€

* You can enjoy bluefin tuna and label rouge salmon by sushi