Sukiyaki + Shabu Shabu

The Sakura would like to offer another traditional Japanese meal.

Shabu shabu and sukiyaki are a stew of Japanese cuisine.

We would like to introduce these variations to you - please feel free to try them !


A) Sukiyaki (a.b.d.g) : 40€ per person

ingredients: Beef, vegetables, tofu, glass noodles

Sauce: Sukiyaki sauce and egg

After sukiyaki, udon noodles are served.


B) Shabu Shabu (a.b.g) : 40€ per person

ingredients: Meat, vegetables, tofu, glass noodles

Sauce: Ponsu sauce, sesame sauce.

After shabu shabu, zoosui (Japanese risotto) is then served. Rice is added to the broth, in which ingredients such as fish, meat and vegetables have been cooked beforehand, and the whole thing is refined with beaten egg and leek.


Please note the following conditions that apply to these dishes:

1. Reservations please two days in advance and only for 2-4 persons.

2. At reservation we ask for a deposit of 20€.

3. In case of no-show we have to keep the deposit (except for cancellations one day before)



[a] Soy   [b] Gluten/Wheat ([#b] Gluten free available)  [c] Fish and Crustacean   [d] Egg  [e] Milk (including Lactose   [f] Mustard   [g] Sesame Seedsn   [h] Mollusca such as Oysters   [i] Celery

Food additive:

1. Coloring  2. with Antioxidant  3. with Sugar subtitute  4. with Aspartame  5. Caffeine  6. with Phosphate  7. Sulfite