Course meal KOTOBUKI

The Kotobuki course menu is the most famous choice of our menu card It offers a special insight into the japanese cuisine and can be adjust individually to everybody’s own preference.
Our waiters are happy to help you to arrange the perfect Kotobuki menu for you.

Attention! The Kotobuki menu has to be ordered at least three days in advance.
Of course, you can choose the individual dishes after arriving at our restaurant. This helps us planning our freshly delivered ingredients. Furthermore, we are able to take care about your allergies and special requirements. Thank you very much for your understanding!



Sushi and 1 small dish


Please choose fish nigiri (chef choice) or vegetable nigiri (chef choice).



Please choose one or two appetizer from Kotobuki Choice (please see below).
You can combine, for example, two cold dishes, two warm dishes or one cold and one warm dish.


Main dish

Please choose one main dish from Kotobuki Choice (please see below).
Main dish will be served rice.




4 dishes / 40,00€
(with one appetizer)

5 dishes / 45,00€
(with two appetizers)

Kotobuki Choice



Cold appetizer

* Tuna & avocado salad with yuzukosho sauce (a.#b.c)

* Salmon & avocado salad with yuzukosho sauce (a.#b.c)

Warm appetizer

* Teriyaki Chicken (a.b#.e)

* Kinoko: Grilled mushrooms and onion with butter and soy sauce (a.b.e.g)

* Deep-fried scallop with tartar sauce (a.b.d.h)


Main dish


* Grilled fish combination with miso sauce (a.c.e)

* Hereford dry aged roastbeef (a.#b.e) (+ surcharge: 6Euro)

* Sushi combination (vegetable sushi available) (a.#b.c.d.g)

* Wagyu-Beef from Japan (a.#b.e) (+ surcharge: selling by weight)


[a] Soy   [b] Gluten/Wheat ([#b] Gluten free available)  [c] Fish and Crustacean   [d] Egg  [e] Milk (including Lactose   [f] Mustard   [g] Sesame Seeds   [h] Mollusca such as Oysters   [i] Celery

Food additive:

1. Coloring  2. with Antioxidant  3. with Sugar subtitute  4. with Aspartame  5. Caffeine  6. with Phosphate  7. Sulfite