Premium Sake

menu_top_2Sake, Japanese rice wine, is very palatable.

Today I would like to present four different kinds of Sake to you.
To you who never tasted Sake before, I would like to introduce this delicious beverage at Sakura Restaurant. To you who already tasted Sake, I would like to recommend a special kind that goes well with your special dish. The flavor of Sake harmonizes perfectly with the characteristic taste of Japanese food.

Mr Hiroshi Numata, a renowned Japanese Sake sommelier, made a choice of Sake brands that go perfectly well with our dishes. There is nothing against a good wine, but some time you might try a Japanese Sake.

Your truly ! Kampai !
Hiroshi Numata

murataHiroshi Numata

the runner-up in

"Sake Sommelier World Championship" in 2014
(Over 27,000 people Sake Sommelier in the world )



At cold temperature

For sake beginners, DAINA can be the best choice with its fruity aroma like pear.

It go with starter. DAINA is suitable drink at the early stage of the meal.

Suitable meals




100ml 11.00€



At warm temperature

Thanks to its gentle aroma and smooth flavor, you can enjoy this sake throughout the full course meal. Its sophisticated taste is best felt at warm temperature.

Especially, it pair with cooked fish and seafood.

Suitable meals

Various grilled fish and seafood

HotaKon (Grilled scallop)

100ml 11.00€


At hot temperature

It has mellow UMAMI. It pair with meet dishes. At hot temperature, the oiliness of the meat is rinsed away by the hot sake in your mouth. This is the genuine hot sake!

Suitable meals

Beef Steak

Kamo(Grilled duck breast)

Teriyaki Chicken

100ml 11.00€


At very hot temperature

This is roughly-filtered cloudy sake with a yogurt-like nose.

It contains much lactic acid.

Its milky texture pair well with the creamy sauced dishes.

Suitable meals

(Grilled shrimp and avocado)

100ml 12.50€