Please pay attention to our Opening Time due to some events. We ask for your kind understanding.

We will close these 2 days.
26.10.2016 (Wednesday after 18.00 Uhr)
01.11.2016 (Tuesday/Holiday after 18.00 Uhr)

Sushi Class

As many persons are interested in Our Sushi Class. So I would like to show you our conditions as follows.

Date: Sunday afternoon.
( Please reserve the Sushi Class ten days in advance. If you would eat at SAKURA on Sunday Lunch, please reserve a table beforehand. We may have closed if we are holding a sushi course at that time. Arigatou Gozaimasu. )

Price: 55Euro per Person, including all the stuff  like Rice, Vegetables, Fish.

What time: Please talk to us

Remarks: Please bring your cooking knife. I will explain Sushi course under English.

If you have any questions, please talk to Takashi Noguchi anytime !

sushi class