Lunch Menu

As we do not open the lunch time between August and September, so we can not serve these lunch menu.

Friday and Saturday
12.00-14.00 / Last order 13.30 

Katsu with salad, rice and miso soup

Chicken Katsu (a.b.d) 11,80€
 Salmon Katsu (a.b.c.d) 11,80€

Teriyaki with salad, rice and miso soup

Chicken (a.b.e) 8,80€
Salmon (a.b.c.e) 8,80€

Yakisoba (Noodle dish)

Only with vegetables (b.d.1.8) 6,30€
with Chicken (b.d.1.8) 7,80€

Sushi with miso soup

Sushiplatte (a.b.c.d.g)
5x Nigiri and 1x Inside-out Roll
Maguro Sake Ebi Sushiplatte (a.b.c.d.g)
2x Tuna Nigiri, 4x Samon Nigiri, 2x Shrimp Nigiri and 1 Maki Sushi