A La Carte

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Miso soup (a) 2,40€
Goma ae: spinach salad with sesame dressing (a.b.g) 3,00€
Edamame (a) 4,00€
Natto: fermented soybeans (a.#b.f) 4,00€
Shishamo 3 pieces: smelt fish (c) 5,00€
Yakitori 3 pieces: grilled chicken skewers (a.b) 5,00€
Okonomiyaki 2 pieces: 1x pork belly, 1x shrimp (a.b.c.d) 6,00€
Deep fried gyoza 4 pieces: with vegetables (a.b) 5,60€
Agedashi tofu: deep fried tofu with konbu dashi (a.#b) 7,00€



Wakame salad: green salad, seaweed with sesame dressing (a.b.g) 6,00€
Kinoko salad: green salad with grilled four different mushrooms (a.#b.e.g) 8,00€
Salmon & avocado salad with yuzukosho sauce (a.#b.c.g) 15,00€
Tuna & avocado salad with yuzukosho sauce (a.#b.c.g) 18,00€

Sashimi (a.#b.c)

Salmon 18,00€
Tuna / Maguro 25,00€
Salmon & Tuna 27,00€
Salmon, Tuna and White fish Please ask

* You can enjoy bluefin tuna and label rouge salmon by sashimi.

Donburi with miso soup (a.#b.c.g)

Zukedon: soy-marinated tuna sashimi rice bowl 25,00€ Salmon, Ikuradon: salmon sahimi and salmon roe rice bowl 24,00€
Tekkadon: tuna sashimi rice bowl 25,00€ Tuna, Salmondon: tuna and salmon sashimi rice bowl 23,00€


Warm Dish

  as starter as main dish

Corn fed teriyaki chicken (a.b.e)

13,00€  22,00€
Ebi Avo: Grilled shrimps with avocado and mushrooms (a.b.c.e) 13,00€  22,00€
Fish combination: Grilled salmon, 2 white fishes and shrimp with miso sauce (a.c.e.h)   22,00€
Beef: John Stone Irish Dry Aged Roastbeef with 2 different sauces (a.#b.e)   28,00€
Tofu steak with grilled vegetables, teriyaki sauce and ginger (a.b.e.g)    17,00€

* Main dish will be served rice, miso soup and salad

Dessert (d.e)



Rice 2,40€
Extra wasabi (f.1) 1,00€
Extra ginger 3,00€

* Our homemade ginger is prepared according to traditional methods.


Allergy and Food additives:

Allergy :
a. Soy b. Gluten/Wheat (#b. Gluten free is available) c. Fish and Crustaceans d. Egg
e. Milk (including lactose) f. Mustard g. Sesame seeds
h. Mollusca such as Oysters i. Celery

(Our cuisine is based on soy sauce containing gluten. However, some dishes can be made by gluten-free soy sauce, so please contact us by the day before. Also, we can prepare dessert that does not used milk products, so it will be appreciated if you can contact us about milk allergy.)

Food additives :
1. Coloring 2. with Antioxidantl 3. with Sugar subtitute
4. with Aspartame 5. Caffeine 6.with Phosphate 7. Sulfite