A La Carte

Side dish and Salad

Edamame (a) 4,00€
Yakitori 3 pieces (a.b.g) 5,00€
Natto: Fermented soybeans (a.b.f) 4,00€

Shishamo 3 pieces: Smelt fish (c)

Wakame salad: Green salad, seaweed with sesame dressing (a.b.g) 6,00€
Kinoko salad: Green salad with grilled mushrooms (a.b.e) 8,00€
Rice 2,40€
Miso soup (a.b.c) 2,40€
Extra wasabi (f.1) 1,00€
Extra ginger 3,00€

* Our homemade ginger is prepared according to traditional methods.

Sashimi (a.b)

Salmon (c) 18,00€
Tuna / Maguro (c) 25,00€
Salmon & Tuna (c) 27,00€
Salmon, Tuna and White fish (c) Please ask

* Please enjoy Bluefin Tuna and Label Rouge Salmon by Sashimi.

Warm Dish

  as starter as main dish
Teriyaki Chicken (a.b.e) 11,00€  18,00€
Teriyaki Salmon (a.b.c.e) 13,00€  22,00€ 
Ebi Avo: Grilled shrimps with avocado and mushrooms (a.b.c.e) 13,00€  22,00€
Grilled Salmon, white fish, shrimp and scallop with miso sauce (a.b.c.d.e.h)   22,00€
Beef: Irish Entrecote with 2 different sauces (a.b.e)   28,00€
Tofu steak with grilled vegetables, teriyaki sauce and ginger (a.b.e)    17,00€

* Main dish will be served rice, miso soup and salad

Dessert (d.e)



Allergy and Food additives:

Allergy :
a. Soy b. Gluten/Wheat c. Fish and Crustaceans d. Egg
e. Milk (including lactose) f. Mustard g. Sesame seeds
h. Mollusca such as Oysters i. Celery

Food additives :
1. Coloring 2. with Antioxidantl 3. with Sugar subtitute
4. with Aspartame 5. Caffeine 6.with Phosphate 7. geschwefelt